With the professional cosmetic line DR. BELTER, Germany CLASSICAL FACIAL TREATMENT – 60 min / 110 GEL Face cleansing with orchid milk water; refreshing washing gel with citruses and lavender with anti-septic action; Manual face cleansing; Antibiotic powder; Darsonval; Cleansing kaolin mask with fruit and plant extracts for reduction of sebum efflux. CLASSICAL BACK CLEANSING / black points extracting / - 60 min / 150 GEL CLASSICAL ULTRASONIC FACIAL CLEANSING – 60 min / 110 GEL DIAMOND MICRODERMOABRASIO 30 min. / 100 GEL Microdermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. It is a therapy for acceleration of renewal of skin tissue, fighting of pigmented marks and recovery of surface wrinkles. There is a regenerating mask in the end and finishing UV cream.

HYDRA PEEL THERAPY / all skin types / - 30 min / 100 GEL It is a non invasive multifaction treatment that combines the hydra dermabrasion / deep hydra peeling /; vacuum suction to unclog sebum, blackheads & impurities. NB! The hydra peel can be donebefor any facial treatment from the menu.

EXPRESS ANTI-STRESS THERAPY – 40 min / 125 GEL Facial cleansing; toning; micro-crystal peeling; cosmetic ampoule for brightness; 20 min beauty facial massage ; regenerating facial mask; finishing cream.

THERAPY FOR OILY AND COMBINATION SKIN - 60 min. / 180 GEL Facial cleansing; bio-enzyme pudra peeling; application of ampoule against inflammation and anti-acne; Medical facial massage; cleansing mask.

UNIVERSAL THERAPY FOR DEEP HYDRATATION – 60 min / 180 GEL Cleansing, facial peeling; application of ultra hydrating serum; 20 min cosmetic facial massage for face, neck & decollete; hydrating mask; finishing hydrating cream.


The Oxygen procedure is suitable for all types of skin. The Oxygen therapy stimulates skin circulating function, it unclogs, clarifies and gives it healthy shining. Cleansing, Exfoliation; Application of Oxygen serum; 10 min. face massage with pure Oxygen; Second beauty massage with Oxygen cream; Oxygen mask for deep hydration; Finishing hydrating oxygen cream.

THERAPY FOR SENSITIVE SKIN 60 min. / 180 GEL therapy increases the threshold of tolerance, reduces sensitivity and enhances natural protective power. Face cleansing; Peeling procedure for sensitive skin; Through a steam of pure Oxygen – application of aloe vera serum for reduction of redness and skin soothing; 20 min soothing massage of the face, neck and decollate area; Finishing mask with fig, hibiscus and camellia extract. NB! This therapy is suitable is cases of redness after explosion to sunlight and for a skin irritated by cold and wind after skiing.

VITAMIN C THERAPY & PURE OXYGEN / first wrinkles / 60 min / 185 GEL A therapy to repair the damaged from the sun skin and to fight with the aging. Starts with orange extracts facial scrub; serum with vitamin C against pigmented marks ; oxygen lymphdrainage massage for detoxication; facial modelling massage with vitamin C cream; Finishing vitamin C mask and cream.

EYE CONTOUR THERAPY 40 min. / 125 GEL A therapy, fighting the fine lines around the eyes, wrinkles, dark circles, under eye bags. Make-up removal; Application of a mask for removal of under eye bags; Revitalizing fluid; 15 min eye contour massage; Drainage patches for the eye contour; Sculpting lifting gel; Finishing cream.

NOURISHING THERAPY FOR DRY SKIN – 60 min / 180 GEL Includes: facial peeling; application of ampoule with vitamin A and B; cosmetic facial massage with nourishing baobab balm; facial mask with baobab and argan oil; final cream.

LIFTING THERAPY WITH COLLAGEN AND ELASTIN / 45 + / – 60 min / 260 GEL The therapy treats the problem face areas through rubbing active anti-age components like collagen and elastin. The collagen and elastin serum nourish the skin cells and make the skin elastic and healthy. Strong lifting effect. It includes: facial cleansing; peeling; oxygen lymphdrainage; anti-age collagen serum; 20 min modelling facial massage; Lifting facial mask.

FACIAL BIO LIFTING FOR REJUVENATING & LIFTING / 55 + /- 60 min / 270 GEL Intensive and comprehensive, this treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin. Redefine the facial contour, improve skin texture and fade wrinkles and expression lines in just one session by applying an youth serum with caviar and seaweeds that achieves unprecedented levels of rejuvenation. There is a BIO LIFTING session next / 20 min / with a special professional cosmetic machine - delivers an immediate lifting effect, soothes out wrinkles and provides skin with a bright, even tone.

RF FACIAL LIFTING – 60 min / 180 GEL PACKAGE OF 5 TREATMENTS – 700 GEL / includes 30 min facial , neck & decoltee thermo-lifting to restore the collagen cells and to lift the skin. 20 min lifting mask in the end; UV cream /.

FACIAL MESOTHERAPY FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – 60 min / 220 GEL It’s a non-invasive procedure that corrects a host of aesthetic imperfections. A powerful cocktail of active substances target the superficial layers of the skin, delivered through a series of small injections. Its suitable for anyone over the age of 18, regardless sex, ethnicity or skin type.

FACIAL MAGNET THERAPY FOR LIFTING WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT – 60 min / 270 GEL Magnet therapy provides tissue tightening through high magnetic energies being administered over the skin. The magnetic energy heats up the skin’s collagen and stimulates a skin response which provides both skin tightening and texture improvement. 20 min lifting massage / face, neck & decollete / included and a nourishing mask in the end.

SCALP TREATMENT - 45 min - 125 gel Darsonvalization uses high-frequency currents to stimulate hair follicles and improve scalp circulation. High frequency massager helps to tone brain vessels, eliminates headaches, normalizes sleep, prevents hair loss and increases work efficiency. The treatment includes hair brushing with darsonval , darsonvalization scapl treatment combined with an application of a special ampoule to calm the irritated scalp, 20 min Indian head massage in the end.

Package of 5 treatments: 500 GEL

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